It all started when...

I began to realize that there were people out there who were struggling with making fashionable and being frum (religious) synonymous. I would constantly get asked where I bought my dress (which, by the way, needed no altering to adhere to modest guidelines), or where I found a skirt that required no additional tailoring. My answers surprised them. "Target!", I'd say with a grin. "H&M!", I'd exclaim with a smile. And more often than not, I would continuously receive puzzled looks. "How do you manage to find tzniut (modest) clothing at those stores?", they'd ask me. "I never find anything at [insert store name here]. Or if I do happen to spot a great dress at [insert store name here], I'll have to wear it with a shell or an undershirt." I was confused. How was I finding all these great pieces and yet my friends were having to resort to expensive speciality stores or inadvertently beginning to create a wardrobe full of every color Kiki Riki to match the sleeveless frock they just bought? And on top of that, how was I finding all these modest pieces at such modest prices? 

It's easy to say that my 'luck' lies in the fact that I have been working in the fashion industry for a number of years. And yes, I know where to look beyond the mainstream stores. And yes, I perhaps I am privy to other lesser-known brands that are fabulously priced. But, let's face it, the fashion industry isn't always so modest-friendly. As trends evolve and seasons change, finding clothing that's covered and current can be difficult. But someway, somehow, I manage to find great pieces at even better prices! 

And so, after countless friends and family members telling me to start a blog to document my love of fashion, coupled with my ability to bargain hunt, The Modest Runway was born.

Modest fashion at modest prices? Yes, please!