Stun in Stripes

I happen to be perusing Forever21 online when I came across this gorgeous striped frock, included in my roundup below, that needed no additional alterations. Which got me thinking...there must be some other glorious striped frocks out on the market at the moment!

Unsurprisingly, ZARA continues to slay in the dress department, and this season they do not disappoint. Case in point: layering a striped slip frock over a turtleneck for warmth and style. Killer combo. 

I have always been a believer in the streamlining effect vertical stripes have on the body, but that's not to say that areas of horizontal stripes on a dress can't or won't look fantastic too. Experiment with varying thicknesses, try on an array of frocks and silhouettes, and you'll soon find out what works for you and your shape. 

Below are my picks for flatteringly-striped frocks that won't break the bank.

Rebecca Brown