Steal Her Mod Style: Camila Alves

Camila Alves, the Brazilian beauty, model, and designer (who also happens to be married to Matthew McConaughey...swoon), is simply put: stunning. And in her completely modest Johanna Ortiz gold foiled blouse and skirt combo could we love her even more?! (Disclaimer: I really don't think so.)

As soon as I saw this look I knew I had to show you how to pull it off for less. Glittered gold is the perfect color for the holiday season - it's festive, fun, and favorable to all skin types, in varying hues. Camila does what few would do: she keeps all the focus on the gold-on-gold combo with minimal accessories and make-up. Modest to perfection. 

Whenever I want to replicate a celebrity's look, I take inspiration from the outfit and make it uniquely my own. For example, if you're top heavy, wide sleeves will end up adding bulk. The fix: streamline the look with a more fitted top to carve curves instead of masking them. If you're on the shorter side of the height scale, a below-the-knee skirt will truncate your stature. The fix: opt for a knee-length skirt which will make you appear taller. 

Luckily, I have you sorted! Shop my Camila Alves-inspired picks by clicking on the images below.

Happy Holidays! 

Photo credit: Getty via The Daily Mail

Rebecca Brown