A Tall Order

I like to think I'm on the taller side of the scale when it comes to height: I always stood in the back row in school photographs. I played goal shooter in netball. When my mom needed something on the top shelf of a cabinet, I was always called upon. And I have never really owned or worn high heels. Even in flat boots I feel like I'm already so tall...and I'm only 5'6".

Last week a friend - who's considerably taller than me - congratulated me on my website launch. "What would you like to see?" I asked her. "Modest clothing for tall people!" she exclaimed without having to think. That sentence may sound strange. But it makes perfect sense. When you're 5'7" - 6", shopping can be difficult. Midi skirts might end up looking like minis. Don't even get me started on 'full-length sleeves' that look awkwardly short. 

But there is a solution, ladies! Unbeknownst to many, there are mainstream brands that cater to taller figures. ASOS, for example, has an entire section of their site dedicated to longer-lengths and styles. Maxi skirts, regardless of brand, are designed to fit and slim a taller figure. Oversize styles are trending everywhere. It's a pretty perfect time to snap up a tall-sized bargain at an outlet price.

In this post, I've collated my favorite dresses and skirts for all of my taller followers out there! Most of the models are at at least 5'9", so you'll get a good sense of the way the garments fall and sit in relation to knee height. Click to shop.


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