Trend Alert: Crème Caramel

I'm don't have the biggest sweet tooth, but there is one dessert I love: crème caramel. Back home in Australia, a close family friend of ours makes THE BEST version of the pudding I have ever tasted. Every time my husband and I go back to visit Sydney, we are treated to the scrumptiousness that is custard and caramel. 

So it's not surprising that my adoration for the delicious dessert — what, with its rich toffee-colored top and buttery ecru bottom — applies to my love for the color combination in fashion as well. Let's be honest: at some point, 'basic black' becomes just that — basic. And rotating black dress after onyx skirt becomes boring.

As we embark on the remaining winter days ahead, and look forward to the springtime, a classic mix of biscuit cream and bronze-y caramel is the perfect go-to mix. Plus, there's something inherently comforting about the intriguing combo that makes you feel warm and fuzzy — inside and out.

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Rebecca Brown